View of a Warehouse goods stock background 3d rendering


We offer comprehensive storage and transhipment services.
We have at our disposal high storage warehouses that meet HACCP and ADR standards.
We have the option of storing goods in blocks or in shelves.
We have full control over the implementation of orders and inventory management (goods management by FIFO, LIFO, FEFO methods)
We provide a wide range of warehouse services, i.e.
– reloading – unloading/loading (including oversized)
– repackaging, deconsolidation and palletizing
– picking, labeling and marking
– returns management
– securing goods for transport (road, sea and air)
We also provide services consisting in unforming and repacking the goods into the customer’s packaging, and even on initial quality control.
Thanks to our offer, the customer no longer has to worry about reloading, storage or shipping in smaller batches.
We place great emphasis on the protection of data and commercial information related to the documentation of the goods.

COMPREHENSIVE LOGISTICS – thanks to the comprehensive solutions we offer, our customers focus on their core business leaving logistics matters in our hands!