…or ensuring the that the company’s activities comply with the applicable regulations and standards, both national and international. It is a system for controlling the compliance of the company’s operation with the legal requirements as well as accepted standards of conduct.

We operate in accordance with applicable law as well as the principles of ethics and business integrity. We do not tolerate any cases of fraud or activities that are inconsistent with the applicable law or the principles in force in our company, and thus we counteract such behaviour, among members of the Management Board, employees, contractors and all other entities having relationship with Ruger Polska.

The purpose of the Anti-Fraud Policy is to define the rules of conduct in the event of the threat of committing a prohibited act, to promote a culture that discourages dishonest behaviour, and to prevent and effectively detect fraud.

In order to effectively prevent any cases of fraud, please report possible irregularities, unethical activities, fraud and problems that occur in the company.

How to report?
By e-mail to the following address: